It’s Election Day: No more commercials!

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Are you pumped about the Election?
I am.
It means that Canadians will be saving millions of dollars because the government will finally stop running those hideous commercials.
I’m not talking about the ones paid for by the political elites.
I’m talking about those taxpayer-funded commercials touting hockey equipment tax credits, home renovation plans, and many things that do not currently exist.
Some people refer to this as selling snake oil.
Or affordable Home B&Bs in Vancouver.
After today, the airwaves will be Stephen, Tom and Justin free for the “long term future,” a term coined by Trudeau to explain how to get a permanent restraining order against a lobbyist.
Ah, my heart is filled, and my ears welcome the steady stream of commercials about Acorn Stairlifts, reversed home mortgages (the Conservative version of Money Mart) and insurance to pay for your funeral before you’re dead. (Dude open a savings account!)
I hate those commercials but not as much as I hate knowing that I’m paying for commercials that are meant to appeal to me.
So rejoice Canadians.
The government will keeping those millions of dollars in a savings account, garnering enough interest to pay down the debt and give us a balanced budget.
Well done!


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