justin meme

After careful consideration, weighing the options, putting aside my personal disdain for politicians in general, I have made my choice.
It’s Justin Trudeau.
What put the Liberals over the top for me was their optimism, and the Trudeau camp decision to take the high road in this dirty, smelly election campaign.
I’m tired of secrets and scandal. I’m weary of “veiled” threats against new Canadians. I’m sick of a government that turns a blind eye to the plight of some refugees while cherry picking others to come to our country.
Stephen Harper has made a laughing stock of this country.
He is the national version of Rob Ford, only he’s making all his decisions sober, and that scares the Turkey dinner stuffing out of me.
Mulcair, the great inquisitor, has failed to inspire.
The last straw was last week when he tried to take credit for all of Jack Layton’s hard work.
So on October 19th, I will vote for David McGuinty, who is a good MP.
And I will offer up my ten cents on the dollar for Justin Trudeau.
But with a caveat.
Don’t screw it up.
I’ve placed my faith in the Liberal Party too many times only to be disappointed by the unearned arrogance and entitlement of its leadership.
Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…
We’re counting on you Justin Trudeau.
Don’t make us come and get you.
We know where you’ll be living.


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