Stephen Harper: Smelly cat

I had a dream about Stephen Harper the other night.

It wasn’t a sex dream, or anything. But this campaign is so long, already, it’s giving me nightmares.

In the dream, I was at Stephen Harper’s pad, and we were watching, I guess what you would call a docu-drama about his life and his career. (Maybe, in addition to the election campaign, I’m being heavily influenced by the Toronto International Film Festival, who knows?)

The dream was very, very long, and Harper was getting more evil by the minute, especially as it became evident that he was experiencing The Long Goodbye, thanks to Canadians having enough of his ass around.

I once got into an argument with Tom Axworthy in which I suggested Canada needed a two strikes, and you’re out, kind of administration. Two terms, and bye-bye.

Tom said that kind of thing went against our Parliamentary traditions.

I said Canadians would welcome an airing out of the House of Commons to get the putrid stink out every few years. It’s bad enough the Senate smells like a manure pile.

I wonder who I could talk to about that.

Maybe the Conservative Party of Canada.


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