The Maclean’s Debate: Television for Readers

harper meme

Paul Wells has been racing around the tube telling everybody who will listen that Maclean’s is hosting a debate on CityTv tonight with ALL the leaders. If you’re at all interested, you better tune in. It may be the first and last debate in English.

Sorry, rest of the country. Mulcair and Harper don’t want you to watch. They seemingly only care about the GTA. Gord Martineau: do you have a question?

Of course, the debate can be watched in between cat videos on the Internet if you have Rogers Cable (not available on Bell).

Kidding, I’m sure Rogers will share their signal.


Will anybody watch? Will they fire up the Internet at the cottage, or switch over from NCIS? Will they tape the debate and watch it over and over again, in case they missed any surgical pearls spewing out of the mouths of the so-called leaders?

I wonder.

Fortunately, the Republican debate doesn’t conflict because it’s on at suppertime, so people can watch Donald Trump advancing the cause of white people. Now that is going to be must-see TV!

Otherwise, I’m thinking that the only people who will be watching the federal leaders debate are people who are paid to watch it or people like me, who are political junkies.

I. Have. No. Life.

If I were running things instead of Kory Teneycke (what kind of name is that for a grown man, anyway?) I would suggest to the leaders that they all come out in their boxers. Let’s see what they are really made of (no Y-fronts, please). Mulcair would have to fess up that he has to wear some sort of back brace, which explains why he walks like he has a coat hanger melded to his shoulders. Trudeau, well, nothing new there. We’ve already seen him without his top and he’s fabulous.

We would finally get to see the real Stephen Harper, Coke belly and all. I wonder if he’s got hair on his chest. Maybe a nipple ring, or a Mom tattoo. That would get tongues wagging.

In the interest of propriety we would insist that Liz May wear, at the very least, a bright green sports bra.

Okay, maybe this is going too far.

How about a debate where everybody takes off one piece of clothing for every lie they tell. Bob Fife could be in charge of the truth buzzer.

Trouble is, the only person who’d be stripping is our Fearless Leader who’s told so many nose-stretchers since the election began that his beak is melting off his face.

Come on, Paul, spice things up a little.

Embrace your inner Howard Stern!


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