Now Stephen Harper’s Done it. He’s riled up Raffi!

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Now Stephen Harper’s done it.

He’s riled up Raffi.

The popular children’s entertainer announced on Twitter that he is dedicating his life for the next eleven weeks to bringing down the Harper government. I’d be scared, very, very scared.

You see, Raffi carries some weight.

More than two generations of kids grew up singing his songs. If it weren’t for Raffi, most kids wouldn’t know a baby beluga if it took off their swimming trunks.

…Unless they had visited them while they were incarcerated at Marineland.

Raffi is a force for good. He is a kind soul, a gentleman, unless you get him talking about Stephen Harper.

“Canada needs a revolution,” Raffi tweeted yesterday. “Charter Freedoms. Green Jobs. Child Care. $$ Equity. Free University Tuition. Climate Action.”

Raffi is dreaming a dream of time gone by.

It’s as if we’re back in the 60s when people were still envisioning a Utopian society of love, peace and clean water. We’ve come a long way since then. Peaceful people put down their placards and donned their polyester suits and built fine houses in the Glebe and Rosedale while accumulating nice nest eggs and driving Volvos. They stopped listening to Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie and started watching Shark Tank.


Something is happening here. It’s not exactly clear.

Stop children, what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down…

People are mad. Their kids are living in their basements and getting a few hours at McJobs if they’re lucky.

They’re mad because they lost everything in the stock market. Or because they lost their jobs due to Canada’s economic “shrinkage”.

They’re even mad because they can’t afford to go to Florida anymore because the cost of buying American dollars has gone through the roof.

The Harper government has stolen our future, raped the environment and tarred Canada’s reputation as an environment steward both at home and abroad.

Harper has taken the future away from seniors who soon will have to eek out their living past the age of 65. He has fiddled while Canada’s manufacturing jobs — the ones a lot of people counted on in small and big towns across this land — left the country bound for Mexico on a chicken truck.

Even the little things are falling away. We are turning into a nation of vegetarians because young farmers are leaving the land and don’t want to grow cattle anymore. I saw steak at Loblaws the other day. It was $65!

The vegans are just as pissed.

Raffi’s so damned mad he has put down his guitar and fired up the computer in hopes of influencing some of his fans to wake the hell up and tell the government they want a better world, a different world, a world where everyone has a shot.

Wake up kids! The honeybees are gone!

There are strange fish in the Great Lakes.

The sky literally is falling. Look what happened in Central Ontario over the weekend.

As for Stephen Harper, he just shrugs, adjusts his contacts and says, “Everything is fine.”

Two-thirds of Canadians don’t think so.

We’re on Raffi’s side.

Hey Stephen Harper! You’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do.


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