Anybody But Harper

On Sunday, Flora MacDonald, the humanitarian and former federal Cabinet minister, will be laid to rest. As the news cameras pan across the crowd, we will see many familiar faces: Brian Mulroney, Joe Clark, a smattering of Liberals and New Democrats, as well as many ordinary people whose lives were touched by Flora, her good work and her big heart.

Two important people will be missing among the mourners: the Governor-General of Canada, and the Prime Minister of Canada. They will be too busy to attend Flora’s funeral because they will be huddled together, taking tea and Coca-Cola, and signing papers to send the country into an unprecedented eleven week election.

If Stephen Harper hadn’t been signing those papers, he probably wouldn’t have attended Flora’s funeral anyway. Flora wasn’t Stephen Harper’s kind of people.

Stephen Harper prefers the company of gutter rats — pedophilic bandmates, influencers and rule benders. He likes gutter rats because they will go into places others will not go and do things that others would not do. He prefers to be in the company of people who will not challenge him, people who will read from prepared texts, people who will say “Yes, Prime Minister, how high, how far can we go?”

Stephen Harper doesn’t like scientists or Census takers, either. He doesn’t respect them. He is not a man who believes in evidence-based politics, or human decency for that matter.

Harper doesn’t see himself as a consensus builder; he prefers to keep his own counsel. He would have made a great sheriff in Deadwood.

Flora wouldn’t have put up with that kind of nonsense. She was a woman who ruled her own mind. She had a social conscience. She cared about each and every one of us.

Above all, Flora would not have been muzzled. She would have stood up in Cabinet and demanded to know what could be done for the more than 840,000 Canadians who regularly get their staples from food banks in Canada. She would have challenged him to do the right thing for veterans, Canada’s indigenous people, and the poor. She would have questioned his obsession with law and order at a time when crime rates in Canada were falling.

It’s a moot point anyway, isn’t it? Flora would never have been picked for Stephen Harper’s Cabinet. Heck, she wouldn’t even have won her nomination.

There is no room for people who are decent and kind like Flora in Stephen Harper’s world. And there’s no place for me in his world, either. That’s why I’m voting Anybody But Harper in this election. And that’s why I’m writing this blog.

Canada needs new leadership, a government that doesn’t smell bad, a prime minister who checks the references of those he hires. Stephen Harper thinks he’s won the lottery, that he can be Prime Minister for life.

I think Canadians deserve a second opinion.


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