Tienanmen Square 1989 protest 21 years later

My husband remembers his time at Tienanmen Square.

Through the Viewfinder

This time of year always brings back memories for me.

In May of 1989, I was assigned by CBC to go to Beijing to relieve the camera crew that was stationed there. They had been working non-stop for 3 weeks covering the pro freedom protest in Tienanmen Square, which began during Russian President Gorbachev’s visit.

The travel agents were pretty screwed up in those days, so they somehow booked myself and my soundman Mike DePaul on a route to Beijing which took us the wrong way around the world.  Air Canada Ottawa to Toronto, then onward to Calcutta and finishing in Singapore. We had already spent 52 hours flying there and were both pretty much exhausted.

After a short two hour layover, we boarded our flight to Hong Kong.  As the doors closed and the air conditioning came on, the downard jets of air looked like steam jets. After 52 hours with an…

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