A thousand posts! You’re welcome

This will be my 1,000th posting on The $10 Life.

Will I get an award? A cheque?

I can’t believe I’ve kept this up for two years now. Can’t believe I’ve had so much to say.

To recap:

I talked about the divorce and abandonment that nearly killed me 20 years ago. Writing about it healed me and made me stronger, more myself.

I wrote about my parents, talked about the good and the so very bad. It helped me reconcile with them, to forgive them, to give my soul some peace.

I wrote about passages. The events that defined my life. About the death of the lovely Hannah.

… and the birth of the beautiful Skylar.

I prefer to write about those in the land of the living. I can’t take too many more tragedies.

I wrote about my kids, my husband — I hope they forgive me for spilling family secrets. Look at it this way, kids. Now, there’s a history. When I’m dead, you can go out into the cyberverse and spend some time with me. I will always be there.

I wrote about my quest to get better and tackle my health care challenges. It has helped me re-affirm my commitment to stay in this world a little longer, a little stronger and in a shell that shows the best of me. I want to look good for my age. That’s all.

I wrote about celebrities, my government, injustice, sadness, love, victories, failures.

This blog gave me a platform.

It gave me a voice.

It helped me discover who was under the firefighter t-shirt.

I am grateful to live in a country that allows me to say what I think.

I am worried that the present government is bound to take my freedom away.

To spy on me.

To invade my space.

Vic Toews, turn off your computer. Get a fucking life and stay out of mine.

I have loved being a blogger.

I will do this as long as I’m able.

And I will be grateful if I can continue to do it every day.

Thanks to the 114,000 people who read my blog over the past two years. Merci for being my blogging friends.


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