Bone doctor makes fun of fatties

If you are, say, a plus sized model and have to have an operation, do you ever wonder what the doctor cutting you open thinks of your size?

Chances are, he’ll be making fun of you while you’re under the knife.

We’ve all heard examples of patients waking up and hearing their surgeons making fun of them or commenting on their breasts or vajayjays. But I’ve never seen a doctor brave enough to make these remarks in public.

Until today.

Today, on Twitter, I read a horrifying article in Outpatient Surgery Magazine by an actual orthopedic surgeon from Philadelphia named Dr. John Kelly. The dude writes a “humor column” for doctors. In a recent magazine column, he focused his laser wit on the fatties who land on his table.

Here is the link.

These are just a few gems from his column.

A doctor knows he’s got a problem with an overweight patient when:

  • There is a comma in the patient’s body weight.
  • The patient occupies beds 5 and 6 in the holding area.
  • The patient wears his wristwatch on his finger.
  • The patient requires enough anesthesia to knock out a rhinoceros.
  • The patient’s tailor is Omar the Tent Maker.

All I can say is if I were obese and living in Philly, I’d steer clear of Dr. Kelly if I needed an operation.

The guy should be ashamed. Somebody should complain to his certification board.

This guy teaches students.

Feel free to email the guy. His email is listed on the article.


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