Good night Ottawa; stay classy

Anyone who’s been in journalism in Ottawa over the past 30 years has heard all the stories about #Max Keeping and his colorful past.

Max has admitted to some fairly randy, drunken behavior but has been forgiven many times over by Ottawans because he is the king of good deeds.

Everybody loves a story of redemption and Max has gone to the public confessional on more than one occasion and straightened himself out.

One of his redemptive moves was to hire a driver some 30 years ago, a guy named Gary MacDonnell whom Max describes as a confidante and best friend. According to Max, MacDonnell was himself a model citizen, helping out at CHEO fundraisers and other charity events over the years.

But last New Year‘s, MacDonnell slipped on a bar of immorality soap and landed in the clink for exposing himself to a couple of little girls in a hotel pool changeroom. Not only did he scare them witless with his willy, but he blocked the door so the little girls couldn’t get out. They were saved by a courageous couple who heard their screams and chased the bastard into the snowy streets wearing only his morning smile.

So he’s been convicted of these crimes and is now up for sentencing.

Max was so horrified that his good friend was charged that he is writing a personal letter of reference for the chap. This fact is splashed all over the Ottawa Citizen today.

Max reiterated his talking points to reporter Gary Dimmock. The guy is a model citizen. He is a charity worker. He is a good friend of the Keeping family.

Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.

I don’t know about you, but if I had a friend like this, I wouldn’t be hauling out the “good guy” defence and I certainly wouldn’t do it in public.

Anybody who does what MacDonnell did to children should be locked up and bobbitized, as far as I’m concerned.

But this is Max being Max, which would be alright if Max were a private citizen.

Unfortunately, Max is the chair of this year’s United Way campaign. He is also the goodwill ambassador for CTV Ottawa.

He is a public figure.

If Max wants to go ahead and continue to support his lewd friend, he needs to resign and save the United Way Campaign the embarrassment of having to fire him.

CTV Ottawa might also want to rethink their continued connection to him.

This being Ottawa, I have no doubt that Max will be forgiven for his trespasses once again.

I don’t get it, I’ve never gotten it.

If he were a priest, he’d be cleaning latrines and required to take a vow of silence.

But he’s a beloved former news anchor.

As Ron Burgundy would say: “Good night Ottawa; stay classy”.


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