How to play monopoly in Canada


Rogers has scored the largest wireless contract in Canadian history and it’s with our own government. A 4-year contract worth $117 million will see them become the primary wireless supplier to the Federal government and outfit employees with cellphones and BlackBerry devices. December 2010

I just heard about this yesterday.

Guess BellMedia has the big lip on.

I can hear the conversation now.

“This is Ahmed on the Rogers Help Line. How may I help you?”

“Hello. This is the Deputy Minister of Government Services. My Blackberry is not working. In fact, the entire department is shut down because none of our Blackberries are working. I guess we should have rethought doing away with all of our land lines, huh?”

“Sir, you are breaking up. Do you have access to a pay phone?”

“Nope. We did away with those, too. We never thought our Blackberries wouldn’t work. I can’t even tell the Minister because his Blackberry isn’t working, either.”

“Well, sure, not to worry. We, here at Rogers, are dedicated to getting you back on track. May I send a technician on Saturday morning?”

“Ah, this is Monday morning.”

“Yes, sir but all of our technicians are serving other customers.”

“So we spent millions on this service, it doesn’t work and you can’t send a technician until Thursday?”



“No sir, but we can offer you a free digital box upgrade plus a VIP membership at the Rogers video store for your trouble.”

“But the government has been shut down.”

“And we can offer you and your colleagues free PVRs for three months with a contract upgrade.”


“And new skins for each and every one of you. How does that sound to you?”


“Sir, you’re breaking up.”


“Hold please.”



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