Union busting, Stephen Harper-style

Am I the only person bothered by the Harper government‘s heavy-handed dealings with the Canadian labor movement?

People have died for the right to strike and to ensure that workers are afforded proper working conditions, benefits and job security. Yet, every time a union decides it needs to strike, our labor minister shuts them down.

When Lisa Raitt first started using her incredible powers to stop a postal strike, we all shrugged our shoulders.


It was terrible for the economy.

Did you see what Raitt did there?

One screw.

The second time, it was Air Canada, a company that is not even government owned anymore. Strike action?

It would be bad for the economy and it would inconvenience snowbirds on their way to more tropical climes.

Two screws.

Today, the stews are being targeted.

Can’t let Air Canada have any down time. It would be bad for business.

I was actually proud of flight attendants for collectively defying their leaders.

They said no, twice, to an agreement they felt was unfair.

But then the heavy hand of the government once again flattened the union like some inconvenient bug.

Three screws.

What Harper and his pal Lisa are doing is union busting — pure and simple. They are unilaterally taking away the hard-won rights of the workers of this country and nobody seems to care.

Union busting has become a past time, not just for the Harper government, but for business as well.

Look what the Westons did to the employees of Loblaws and its other grocery holdings. They changed the company, offered old timers a package.  Anybody who still needed to work — well, too bad for them. So now the grocery clerk who’s been there 20 years is back to making minimum wage with no seniority.

And Westons got away with it.

Put their money into London department store stock instead.

Where is the union leadership?

Why are union leaders letting their members be tossed around like confetti?

Why is nobody fighting back?

I’m hearing that the stews are going to take the government to court.

I hope they win.

We can’t let Harper continue to use his unfettered powers for evil.

Flight attendants only make $47,000 a year for a job that has impossible hours and difficult working conditions. They have to save people’s lives. They have to watch out for terrorists. They have to get drunken and belligerent MPs off a plane without getting socked in the mouth.

Not only that; they have to make sure they get your drink order right.

That’s got to be worth something.


2 Replies to “Union busting, Stephen Harper-style”

  1. No you are not the only one bothered, and hey I’ve never worked in a unionized place, but I just felt it was wrong for the government to force Canada Post back to work.

    Probably no one is fighting back because, unfortunately, my generation, are truly wage slaves, we can’t take the time off work to go fight for anyone else. Heck we can almost never fight for ourselves, cause we are too scrared to lose the job that just covers cost of living. Plus we all suffer from the “it doesn’t effect me” syndrome, if it doesn’t effect me then I do nothing; or maybe I’m a bit too cynical

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