Stop picking on Grapes

I don’t watch much hockey, only playoff hockey when the Sens are in them, but I think the best part of the game is Don Cherry.

While the other expensively, but equally poorly dressed nads are nattering on about things I don’t care about — statistics, other teams — Don Cherry has always spoken to me.

What he says makes sense.

Sure, he likes a tough game; so do I. Who doesn’t love a good fight or even a melee?

It’s what makes watching hockey fun.

But Cherry draws the line on sneaky play, and that’s what landed him in deep doo-doo this past week. People are asking for his perfectly coiffed head on a platter for calling a bunch of passive-aggressive goons “pukes” because they are now decrying the very kind of play that made them rich and famous.

A more gentile person might have just left it at “hypocrites”.

I, myself, like pukes.

Whether we agree with Grapes on his call or not, we should all defend his right to say what he thinks.

He’s earned the right.

His criticism is coming from experience watching these dudes slash and spear good players like Sidney Crosby. He’s seen it before; it’s what took the great Bobby Orr out of the game.

Bobby Orr. His beloved.

The enforcers weeping over the death of their team mates are blaming the game of hockey for their addictions and problems. I think I’m on Cherry’s side on this one.

The problem is not the game, the problem is the money. Pro athletes put a lot of money up their noses. They make bad business decisions. They toss around their wives like Raggedy Anne dolls.

Not all of them, but a lot of enforcers do.  

These guys need to do something with their rage.

They only leave about half of it on the ice.

I think these dudes need a little course on Anger Management.

Bring in Jack Nicholson; he’ll get the job done.

Meanwhile, all you pukes out there — stop picking on Grapes.


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