O No!

I’m watching the Oprah Winfrey Life Classes today and only 13,783 people have signed up.

Holy cow! That’s a lot fewer people than used to watch her afternoon show.

It’s an anthropological study, really. Who really OWN’s the remote?

Maybe the problem is that the ladies are TVOing the show so, unfortunately for Oprah, they aren’t physically present, in the moment. while Oprah spews forth her wisdom.

Tonight’s episode is hilarious. It’s called The Power of the Ego.

Well, I guess O is getting a lesson in ego as we speak.

I visited Oprah’s website, the place where people can get homework. Can you friggin’ believe it?


But even that’s backfiring.

Everybody on the message board is complaining because they didn’t get their workbook, promised a month ago. People are pissed.

It’s great to see.

Now she’s talking about how upset she was that a flight crew wasn’t there when she arrived at the airport. Then she realized it was her ego.


What a stupid show.

I’m not sticking around for the after party.

Echkart Tolle is a a little troll who crawled out from under the bridge somewhere.

Oprah found him.

Maybe while she was waiting for her private jet.


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