Dick Cavett: My first mister

Tickets, please.

I will now reveal the geek within.

At 13 years old, I had my first crush..on Dick Cavett.

Many of you, my peeps who are under the age of 70 — or those who do not read the New York Times or watch PBS — might ask: who in the hell is Dick Cavett?

He is a hardy fellow who hailed from Nebraska and went to Yale. He became a writer for Johnny Carson, among others, and then had a talk show for a number of years watched by intellectuals and geeks.

Like me, only not 13.

What a weird child I was. I was so in love with Dick Cavett that I would sit up until 1 o’clock, after the Tonight Show and watch a parade of broadway stars and comedians grace his stage. He had wit, he had style and he was about as big as a garden gnome.

He might actually have been my first husband.

No matter.

He was my mister.

When I was in grade school, I used to run home to see his afternoon show, after he was cancelled on late night and, now the geek comes out, I would go back to school and say this: “Did you see the Lunts on Cavett today?”

My classmates, who were still playing with marbles, thought me insane.

Tonight, I watched a wonderful retrospective on HBO, a little talkie starring Dick Cavett and Mel Brooks.

I realize now that I am old for my age.

But he made me feel like I was 13 again.

13 going on 70.


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