A boy, a girl and the little Mac that could

Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Your time is limited, so don’t waist it living someone else’s life.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs changed the world.

Even my own.

Ten years ago, Scott decided to retire from CBC. He’d had enough of slogging through war zones, evading Chinese police to deliver tape and freezing his toes off on the steps of the Supreme Court.

The life of a cameraman is hardly glamorous.

It’s grunt work.

My career was going nowhere. I’d spent years writing stuff for people I didn’t care about on subjects I didn’t care about.

I was looking to do something, anything creative, before the big ball inside my head exploded.

Steve Jobs helped fulfill both of our dreams.

There’s a little Mac Pro Book that’s sitting in Scott’s office. It doesn’t look like much, it’s just a sleek little piece of silver but with the right software — Final Cut Pro — it can digitally dice and slice, and make pretty interesting movies. It can even makes its own music.

That piece of technology, brought to the world by Steve Jobs, helped us make two movies that won awards in Park City, the place Robert Redford built.


It helped us help other people, too.

Before Steve Jobs, little people couldn’t afford to use video.

He helped us give voice to their causes through mini-documentaries and public service announcements.

He helped political activists take their case to Parliament Hill.

He helped us capture the grief of widows and the determination of firefighters who died in the line of duty every year on Parliament Hill.

Sometimes, our little piece of technology brought our family together.

For Christmas the year our children all left home, it let us express our love and gratitude through a retrospective on their lives.

We recorded the comings and going of the three dogs for YouTube.

Our pugs are on Funny or Die.

We made music videos for our friends and family. In a few weeks, our Jeff will be releasing his first video as a French hip-hop artist. Others pay thousands for their videos; we did just as good a job on Jeff’s video and it cost us ten dollars for tape.

Steve Jobs made that happen.

He made a lot of dreams come true. Ours, Jeff’s and Jason Reitman’s.

He was a man with a bold vision for the world; he was a rarity.

His dream was bigger than himself; it became our dream.

Thanks, Steve.

For giving us a living and helping us share our passion with the world.

God bless.


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