Ontario election: None of the above

It was a busy day in our household Saturday, raking leaves, cleaning up for a barbecue that didn’t happen — wires crossed, I suppose — and fending off supporters of Dalton McGuinty.

He’s our current Member of the Provincial Legislature, oh yes, and Premier of Ontario. But even in this tidy little riding — which has been held by the McGoo family since Jesus was carpenter, there are very few Liberal signs on the lawn. On our street, there is a smattering of blue, with many of the older folk supporting the Tory candidate.

There is a touch of red and a touch of orange, but about the only signs are those placed in public places.

I’ve lived here for about 10 years and I’ve never seen it so bad for a McGuinty.

He’ll probably still win; his supporters are definitely out there trying to pull the vote. I was visited Saturday by at least two McGoo staffers and one was on the phone at the same time as one tiny Liberal showed up at our door. That’s because we’ve been McGoo supporters the whole time. Yes, yes, we told them, now get off our friggin’ porch.

I’m none too happy with the current regime but I won’t vote Tory and I don’t want to split the vote with Horwath, so here we are again.

Something funny happened this time, though.

I’d agreed to take a sign but the campaign nimrods put the sign on our old lawn and our former landlord — himself, I’m sure a Tory — tore it down. We never did get our sign because I failed to call to correct the matter and nobody called me to get my right address.

I figure, quid pro quo, Daltie. That’s what you get for the HST.

Sorry, my passive aggressive nature comes out sometimes.

I think McGoo’s biggest problem — everybody’s really — is that people are so tired of damned elections that we simply don’t care. We should; the provincial government delivers all our services and we should be installing competent people at Queen’s Park.

I’m still looking for them.

So I’ll toddle off to the local public school, cast my ballot for McGoo, albeit reluctantly and that will be that.

We roll the dice.

It’s important to vote even if you hate everybody.

Even if you mark the X beside “none of the above”.


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