Ben and Anderson: Clash of the Titans

Television has always featured clashes of the titans.

Frost versus Nixon. Gore versus Buckley.

Cooper versus Mulroney?


ETalk is running a series of one-on-one interviews with celebrities and, yesterday, it was Anderson Cooper’s turn to trade gentle jokes with Little Bennie.

Did they discuss the state of the world? Anderbum’s close calls and punch ups in Libya?


Mostly, they talked about hair color. Ben was asking Andy if he thought he should go grey. Anderson said he was on the fence, that he had simply accepted the fact he’d gone prematurely grey.

Then talk turned to their famous moms.

“Are you a mamma’s boy?” Ben asked referring to Anderson’s mom, Gloria Vanderbuilt. “I am. I have to call my mom every day.”


How sweet.

Not Anderson.

Gloria pretty much abandoned him as a child, preferring the company of Truman Capote or one of her luvvas.


Ben talked about how great it was to be born into an ethnic family — the Pivnickis — and how there were always warm, inviting smells coming from the kitchen.

Woof. Just can’t imagine Mila breaking a nail making a Croatian walnut torte.

Anderson told Ben that real families scared him.

“I was a weird kid.”

Ben batted his lashes, regarding Andy’s wing tips.

“How many white shirts do you own?”

“Like thirty.”

The next topic was reality television and all their favorite shows. Anderson is addicted to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


Ben squealed.

“Camille Grammar had to sign a cease and desist agreement to stop trashing Kelsey,” said Ben.

Anderson was impressed.

The two locked eyes.

It was love.

They were giggling.

I suppose I should NOT expect more from little Bennie.

But the Real Housewives?


He’s a lawyer and all he wants to talk about is pocket squares.

He even showed Andy how to fold a “Kennedy”.

Mommas’ boys indeed.


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