When you live the $10 Life, it’s best to avoid all shopping malls.

It just makes you sad.

But today, I went hog-wild, visiting all my favorite stores: Costco, Homesense and PharmaPlus. Money was flying out of my wallet.

Now I’m broke again.

But that’s okay. I only do this once or twice a year and I only shop when I have cash. The credit card has been paid and is sitting in a drawer in case the dogs get sick or another tooth breaks or the car dies.

Yadda yadda.

There was still enough money to splurge a little. Know what I bought?

Orthotics. Not the $700 variety; I can’t afford those. Nope, I found a Dr. Scholl’s custom orthotics machine at Costco which measures your feet electronically then spits out a diagnosis and recommendation on what’s wrong with your feet — like a podiatrist but much, much cheaper.

I got two pairs of orthotics for $70!

That’s right, ladies and germs and they feel awesome. I feel awesome, as well, because I’ll be damned if I’m going to give The Worst Family Doctor in Ontario nearly a grand for something I can buy at Costco for the price of a cheap blender.

Scott also splurged today on a new toothbrush for me, one of those Sonicare doobies from Philips that clean your teeth and wash your car at the same time.

We also bought dog dishes and a dog pillow.

Oh, extravagant us!

Eye cream, too. And Jelly Bellys.

So the point is, we spent a couple hundred bucks, what most women spend on the weekend.

This is my yearly splurge.

Now I can walk and brush my teeth at the same time.



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