Ottawa: Home of the nipple dress

Alright folks, settle down.

Before you run off to Holt Renfrew for some new frocks, consider where the jab is coming from. I am speaking, of course, about a story on MSN online which states that Ottawa is the eighth worst dressed city in the world. (Vancouver ranks third)

The writer is an ex-pat, Vivian Song, who originally wrote drivel for the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun (!) before decamping her country for the lights of Gay Paree. She’s a freelance writer, like me, and according to her website writes about lifestyles, travel — and crime.

What a portfolio!

She’s not Mr. Blackwell, or ET’s Cojo. She’s not even Jeanne Beker!

Probably made 50 Euros for her frank assessment of her fellow Canadians.

But Song is smart; I’ll give her that.

As a freelancer, she lives by her clicks, and she knows that Canadians are so sensitive about how they rank in the world, that any negative rating would land her story on the front page and on everybody’s Facebook site.

A writer’s dream if you ever did see ooooone.

Aside from having no real credentials to judge anyone’s fashion sense, Song is from Toronto, so of course she’ll diss Ottawa and Vancouver –especially Vancouver because people in Toronto are jealous of Vancouver.

I’m not going to defend the fashion sense of public servants, but probably the only government office Song — again, a travel writer — visited was the Passport Office.

I doubt she’s spent much time in Ottawa government board rooms where the average Francophone public servant spends half her salary on shoes.

Makes me wonder if Little Miss Birdsong spent anytime at Queen’s Park where all the women still tease their hair and wear nurse shoes.

Every Canadian who moves to Paris from Canada thinks they’re better than the rest of us.

Look at Keith Spicer!

We should all just take a chill pill.

But hey! If it make you feel any better, go down to Richard Robinson’s and buy a nipple dress.


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