NDP kindergarten class is now in session

The new improved NDP is starting to remind me of a French immersion kindergarten class on a PD day.

Pretty soon the kids will be running the classroom while the teachers are off studying their navels, sitting in a room somewhere with a facilitator and a flip chart on an easel. This week, Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition will be cloistered a nice hotel in Quebec City eating oysters on the half shell and putting together a strategic plan for the future.

They’ll also be ruminating over whether all of the leadership candidates vying for the keys to Stornoway should sit out the first session of Parliament to concentrate on pan-handling from organized labor instead of doing the job they were elected to do — throw arrows across the aisle at the King of Nottingham and his henchmen. It will mean that some of the most effective voices in their caucus — Thomas Mulclair and Peter Julian, among others — will sit on the backbench playing solitare while the country burns.

What a friggin’ bunch of nonsense.

The leadership is slated to be held in March 2012 — half a year away — so this group effectively is going to be missing in action until spring training. Meanwhile, the  obviously delighted Tories can bring law and order to the country while allowing yahoos to play with their guns unsupervised in the countryside. Also, Bob Rae and what’s left of the Liberal Party will be left to defend the interests of Canadians.

I suppose the thinking goes that the newbies — all one million of them — can get a little on-the-job training while the egg heads are wrastling in the corners. The kids — half of whom haven’t gone through puberty yet, let alone attended enough English immersion classes — will need to get a little homestudy program going since most of them were toddlers when Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister.

Oh well, what the hey! The NDP will have three and a half years to catch up.

You can tell their interim leader, Nycole Turmel, came from the government. Everything will be carefully studied, focus-grouped, shrink wrapped and trial ballooned before the NDP will be able to make a bloody decision. Can’t be too careful, must not rush into anything, nope you can’t do that, that won’t sell, let’s start over with a white paper. Then let’s consult with the membership.

What a crock.

Canada needs its opposition up and running by next week. We can’t afford to give Stephen Harper an unchecked government until the spring. The man will be an unfettered monster by the time the first crocuses peek out of the snow.

If the NDP continues along this cautious path, they will be a laughing stock by the time the next election comes along — if they aren’t already a laughing stock now.

Word, Nycole, your MPs are getting paid to be in Parliament, defending our interests against the Evil Empire.

We need the big voices, the smart mouths, the institutional memory of your best players.

Let’s get the teachers back to work.

Summer’s over.


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