A fistful of Liberal dollars

I’m giving a point to Tim Hudak, who very badly articulated why Dalton McGuinty’s $10,000 new immigrant tax credit, is a bad idea.

This debate has gotten bogged down because Who Dat? called new immigrants “foreigners”. The Liberals think they’ve got him on the run.

This is bull crap.

As someone who has been out of a full time job now for more than five years, someone who would be considered a “skilled” worker, I feel insulted by McGoo’s offer. My son, Nick, finally got a job at a big box store working nights after years of working ghetto jobs. He’s smart, he’s articulate and he’s got his Grade 12 diploma but Nick is destined to live the $12 life and barely support his new family.

Neither one of us will benefit from a $10,000 tax credit. It’s like McGoo is the Wizard of Oz and has nothing in that little bag for either of us. I am an older worker, Nick is a younger worker and we’re out of luck as far as the Liberals are concerned.

Where the hell is my job? Where’s the $10 k that will be paid to an employer to hire me, someone who’s paid taxes in this province for 30 years?

I have nothing against new, skilled immigrants. I wish them well. But why should I be a second class Ontario citizen at a time in my life when I should be contributing my nut to the Ontario economy while I’m building a nest egg for retirement.

Frankly, I’m tired of the Liberal bribes.

Remember the HST bribe? Scott and I got, what $600, to offset the HST which we will have to pay for the rest of our lives. I’ve already spent that $600 on HST; now what?

Now the Liberals are bribing immigrants — a traditional Liberal-supporting block — with my money. Not only that, but they’re obfuscating, throwing up smoke, building mirrors all about a mis-speak on the part of Hudak.

I live in the Premier’s riding. I’ve voted Liberal my whole life. I’d like an alternative.

I’m simply weary of the Liberals bribing people with their own money.




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