Post-boomers: Life in a puddle

Now that Lloyd Robertson is taking Nancy on a cruise, it’s time for a little reflection on the state of the Canadian television news business.

Can you believe the dude is only 77? I’d like to see his birth certificate. I was beginning to believe that Lloyd was a vampire.

Like Bill Compton.

I mean, he even admitted that he never goes to bed before 2 a.m.

The television news business is littered with capable anchors who were never given their shot. Keith Morrison, Sandi Rinaldo, Tom Clark — even others, like poor Bill Cameron, who died on the waiting list.

The state of the news business is an example of all that’s wrong in our society, and how old people have screwed us, the post-boomer generation.

Question: Why do the old guys have such a hard time hanging it up?

Peter Kent is the exception, of course. He was anchoring the National while still in diapers but soon realized that he could put his time to better use. As a result, he’s had a life. And now he’s a Cabinet minister.

The term “anchor” must have been coined to describe the fact that these old dudes have literally anchored themselves to the desk and won’t let anyone pry their flanges from the desk monitor. Lloyd’s been “anchoring” longer than I’ve been alive and Mansbridge has been warming his chair for nearly a quarter of a century.

Poor Ian Hanamansing is going to be in a wheelchair before Mansbridge gives it up — unless, of course, someone wraps his wireless mike around his turkey neck and strangles the last verb from his cold, dead throat.

The news anchor jobs have completely skipped the post-boomer generation — people between ages 50 and 60. That’s because our generation waited so damned long for the Lloyds and the Peters to take a hike that we’re now deemed too old for the job. As a result, all the new anchor replacements are in the early to mid-40s.

What a luckless generation we have become, sandwiched between the geriatrics hanging on to the best jobs and the young up-starts. All that is left for us is early retirement or freelancing.

It’s like we’re living in Japan, for Christ sake.

The post-boomers have become feckless, irrelevant, bloodless even.

We have to be satisfied checking our stock portfolios or renovating that nice pile in Westboro while the aged continue to hog the good jobs. And when we’re not looking, the youngsters come up the middle.


It’s like we’re in the in-between, a career dead zone, not quite alive but not quite dead.

Like Prince Charles, but younger.

How did we become such losers?

I blame Lloyd Robertson.

And Craig Oliver.

And Knowlton Nash.

Thanks to them, the post-boomers have not realized their potential.

We settled.

None of us ever swam across Lake Ontario. None of us ever ran Microsoft.

We lived our life in a puddle. And we bought Intel at six.

We’ve become less than yuppies. We’ve become losers.


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