Jack Layton “E” book coming to a Kindle near you

I believe the country’s idealogues have officially gone bonkers.

There is word today that an E-Book will be published by Random House of Canada which will contain essays from “writers, thinkers and activists…to tap into Jack (Layton’s) energy, optimism and drive, to reflect on where Jack made an impact and then set us all a challenge as to where we need to go next.”

The big thinkers who’ve been “tapped” include such retreads as Rex Murphy, former Toronto mayor David Miller and “singer” Steven Page. These big brains will write about areas that Jack was passionate about and “inspire us to keep pushing forward”.

Come on.

Rex Murphy? Don’t we get enough of Barnie Google on the National? And Steven Page? He can’t even keep a pop band together.

I think we’ve pretty well exhausted the Jack Layton legend, don’t you?

We already got his last words; do we really need more of them?

Besides, Rex Murphy couldn’t boil down a single thought in under a thousand words. And what thoughts he has make no bloody sense and are of interest to absolutely nobody. I once watched Barney give a speech for which he was paid $10,000 and it was absolute drivel. He was late and talked off the top of his curly top.

And Steven Page is not really a big thinker. Let’s face it: I could be more creative coming up with ways to spend a million dollars.

This is obviously nothing more than a way to cash in on Jack’s back. It appears to have the blessing of Olivia Chow who hopefully will not turn out to be this generation’s Yoko Ono.

It’s obviously a sanitized list, too. I mean, when I think big thinkers, I think of Iggy, David Suzuki, even little Craig Kilberger.

Instead we get a Barenaked Lady.

The publishers obviously aren’t willing to put any moolah into the project. An E-book? On what basis? Save trees?

Publishers don’t want to save trees. Publishers want to make money like the rest of us.

So they’re not taking any chances because they know, in print at least, that Hope is Better than Fear: Paying Jack Forward would end up as a rock bottom remainder in Heather Reisman’s candle and CD Emporium.

The braintrust would do better trying to figure out how to beat Stephen Harper, which was really all Jackie Boy cared about.

Now that’s a “big idea” I can get behind.



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