Make Heather Reisman an even richer woman

Here’s the thing.

Sometimes I get comments from bleaders, mostly calling me a jerk, an asshole or an idiot over something I said in a blog months earlier.

I take it like a woman. If you do the crime you must do the time, as they say. And I also try to self-correct when I’ve said something particularly unfair and dastardly, although I try to use the Rosanne Barr defence whenever possible. (Don’t blame me; it’s the hormones!)

Often, I have to go back and re-read the post because once I’ve written it, it leaves my noggin and I move on to another topic.

Sometimes I think, what did I say? I must really have said something nasty. Then I go back and read the post, and think: some people really have no sense of humor. Then I shrug it off.

It’s the problem with humor. Sometimes to get the big laugh, you have to leave your comfort zone. Pull out the fart jokes or tread into sensitive zones.

And people don’t like it.

Anyway, I got this comment yesterday and it floored me.

Please, help me out here. Read the comment, then the blog and tell me what the hell is going on.

It’s from Jenna and I’ve cut and pasted it just as it appears in my comment box (grammar mistakes included).

I’m not sure what your problem with Heather (Reisman) is exactly ? Yes, she is the CEO of Chapters/Indigo, and yes that is a business that herself and Gerry have worked hard to make successful. You comment on her wealth many times on this site & it is clearly jealousy, she is a successful business woman & wonderful wife and mother, if you have an issue with this dont buy books from her ! Millions of other people will & she will be just as successful without your money + you can then stop slandering her on the internet. Get a life.

Wow, I thought. What kind of monster am I? I was beginning to feel a little like Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes.  
Or Larry David.
After I read this comment, I felt like writing a personal apology to Heather Reisman. I knew her father. I used to have coffee with him and he was beyond charming.
Then I read the post.
Now read the post yourself.
There is ONE reference to Heather Reisman and none to Gerry Schwartz, her husband. And all I said was, if I wanted to improve myself, I could go to Chapters, buy up selections from the Oprah Book Club and make Heather Reisman an even richer woman.
For this I have been accused of slander!
Oh, the horror in pointing out Heather Reisman can afford Manolos and I can’t.
Damned straight, I’m jealous.
I also did a search of my entire blog, and there was ONE other reference to Heather Reisman which basically said I prefer to buy my books at Costco because they’re cheaper than Chapters. True!
I never said Heather didn’t work hard, and I certainly didn’t say she was a bad mom. Why would I say that?
I am sure that Heather and Gerry are wonderful people and, as a Canadian and writer, I am grateful that they continue to resist market pressures and keep Chapters alive and well in Canada. Besides, my sister-in-law works there.
Here’s another thing. Like most self-absorbed writers, I google myself once in a while and I can never find my blog. It’s like a million clicks down the search engine, so how exactly did this Jenna person even find my blog, which was written back in February? She must have paid somebody to track down every reference to Heather Reisman, which leads me to believe she works for Heather Reisman or Gerry Schwartz or whatever.
Maybe she’s one of those corporately-funded social media assassins who keep tabs on what bloggers have to say and then constructs a strategy to discredit them.
I don’t care one way or another.
My final point, and I do have one, is that this blog was about Oprah Winfrey, not about Heather Reisman.
Really, Jenna, it’s pretty hard to mix them up.
And another thing!
Nobody is twisting your arm, Jenna. You don’t have to read my blog.
Go into Chapters and pick up a book.
Make Heather Reisman an even richer woman.  

One Reply to “Make Heather Reisman an even richer woman”

  1. Comments by employees at Chapters are definitely not very flattering about her. In fact, very unflattering. Her participation in the top secret yearly meetings is highly suspect as well. Wonder what she’s up to? Is it to do with the cockroaches?

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