Linda Evangelista: Working girl

Yesterday, I asked my son, the father-to-be, to make sure he could afford his new family life.

All I can say today is I’m glad Nick didn’t hook up with Linda Evangelista.

The supermodel, who grew up down the road from me in Western Hill, a tough and somewhat seedy part of St. Catharines, is reportedly asking the court for child support to the tune of $46,000 per month.

Apparently, it’s not easy being a single mom in New York.

I get where she’s coming from.

She has to take herself to the gymnasty everyday and train “like an athlete” to make sure her body is smaller than her nose. There are all the haircuts and blowdries, wigs, not to mention the Spanx required for those bloaty days. And the food, why the food alone must cost her, like ten bucks a day, the way supermodels eat!

The booze and cigarettes are necessary evils, given that’s really what supermodels live on — or so I’ve heard. I mean, you can’t make Cristal in your basement, can you?

She’s come a long way from the beer and ballet days back in St. Kitts when she could just go to the farmer’s market to buy organic; now she has to have it shipped in to her Fifth Avenue pile.

There’s the nanny.

A girl like Linda needs 24-hour nanny services for her four-year-old in case she’s in Milan or London or getting some personal straining from the likes of Bob Greene. And nannies in New York don’t come cheap. Apparently, it’s an $80,000 a year gig.

And that’s working under the table!

Man, I’d just love to be the nanny.

Don’t feel too sorry for Linda’s ex — he can afford it.

François-Henri Pinnault is a Master of the Universe, the chief executive officer of a company that includes holdings in Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. His family is also loaded, worth more than $11 billion.

So pity the working girl, I say.

Her own $8 million nut can only last so long.


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