Dear Daltie: Thanks for the handout

Dear Daltie:

Just a short note to say how grateful I am that my bribe, I mean HST cheque, from the Government of Ontario has finally arrived. I thought you promised me the money in June; my son Nick got his — postdated — but I guess ours was lost in the mail.

It’s a pity because I was counting on you giving me that money when you promised it and am now in arrears with Ottawa Hydro. I told them I was waiting for your cheque but they just laughed at me.

Now, thanks to you, I am once again current with Hydro — pun intended — and I can use the rest of the cheque to buy myself some pods for my Starbuck’s coffee machine. Good thing, cause Scott says I’ve been cranky since June 15th.

Anyway, I have a question.

Since when does the Liberal Party of Ontario get to use government “sales tax transition cheques” as part of their political advertising campaign? I noticed on the back, a long message from you. Did you write this?

Here’s what it says:

“Ontario’s tax changes will help create 600,000 new jobs by making our province more attractive for business investments, and provide tax relief with personal income tax cuts…To help you through this transition, you are receiving the third payment of the Sales Tax Transition Benefit.”

Love, Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario

Okay, I added the love part.

But this sounds an awful lot like electioneering, using taxpayers’ money to buy their votes. I don’t like seeing this blatant propaganda any better than seeing election commercials on the television disguised as Government of Ontario ads.

I can see through it, and so can the rest of the people of Ontario.

But I promise not to tell, if you send me another cheque, hopefully before the October election.

Or maybe you could sign me up for one of those 600,000 jobs you’re talking about. I’ve been out of work for five years.

Then all will be forgiven.

Your friend and advisor, Rosalita.


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