Watching the detectives

His natural habitat is filled with predators who must be fought off at every turn.

There is peril from above, with unruly evil-doers who seek to disrupt the quietude. There is peril, too, from below, from a variety of species.

The modern-day triplex dweller must do everything to protect his nest.

Our crew had an opportunity to observe him in his habitat last night as he downed a full twenty-four cans of beer, while clutching a doobie in one hand and an Export A in the other.

It was evident we were in for an exciting night. Cars were peeling out of the driveway, other dwellers hid in their nests after seeing a much more ominous threat appear.

Three blue and white cruisers, laden with black-clad, weapon-bearing species, arrived at the habitat and spent nearly three hours ruffling the feathers of its dwellers. This is not an uncommon happenstance for this particular dwelling; it happens on average a couple of times a month, though it is unusual to see a full force of intruders.

There was a bit of yelling, a bit of cussing and lots of symbolic hand-waving.

Finally, the threat passes.

Another night on St. Laurent Boulevard.


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