Fat girls can finally get their Margs on with Skinnygirl

I believe I died and went to girls-who-drink-too-much heaven.

I was at the Liquor Barn today and picked up what may be the greatest invention of all time.

The Skinnygirl Margarita.

That’s right, ladies and germs, it’s a pre-mixed diet margarita made with a combination of agave nectar and Blue Agave Tequila. Why this is so exciting is that agave is the next best thing for the diet conscious. We’ve all heard the stories about how sugar replacements trick the pancreas into thinking it’s taking in sugar. That’s why diet experts are saying you’re better have a real Coke than a fake one.

But agave, apparently, is the real deal in terms of sweetening a drink without the organic fall out.

I’ve always loved margaritas, but they are so sugary that I’ve had to stay away.

But a Skinnygirl Marg has only 110 calories per drink, plus only five grams of carbs.

I had a quick taste and it’s a little less sweet than an original Marg, which is good for me because I sworn off sweets years ago and I’ve lost the taste for sugar.

But now it’s nice to know that I can finally have a mixed drink again, sitting outside enjoying the sun, reading Chelsea Handler and scarfing baba ganoush.

Hail to Bethenny Frankel, a natural chef, diet expert and one of the Real Housewives of New York for coming up with this one.

And it’s one more notch on my behavior modification therapy lipstick case.

Now, I can enjoy a 12 percent Marg instead of having a high-test Gin Martini, extra olives.

Fun in the sun without spitting up furballs the next day.



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