Dear Daltie: Where’s my HST rebate?

Dear Daltie:

Not to pour gasoline on an already lit fire, but where the heck is my HST cheque?

I was going to pay my Hydro bill with it, but it never came. Sure, we had a mail strike, but that’s been over for, like, two weeks.

My friend Jennette hasn’t got hers, either.

What gives?

My kids weren’t to thrilled when they got their measly $100 cheques only to find you post-dated them.

What kind of government post-dates cheques?

A sketchy government, is what I’m thinking.  And what kind of government dumps an unfair tax like the HST on folks, then promises them rebates and then reneges?

Liars and cheats. That’s what Granny Ina would have said.

It’s no wonder the Tories are surging in the polls today.

The only thing you’ve managed to deliver is state-assisted daycare for the masses. Trouble is, my baby is 25, so that little measure does me absolutely no good, no good at all.

I heard yesterday that you’re giving the people of Ottawa a few new Family Health Teams. Big deal.

We don’t need no stinking overly expensive health teams.

We need good old-fashioned family doctors.

All FHTs are doing are making a few doctors that much richer.

Besides, I can’t see how seven FHTs are going to serve hundreds perhaps thousands of people who don’t have family doctors.

You just don’t get it, do you?

I live in your friggin’ riding and have voted Liberal all my life and since your government’s got elected, electricity and gas prices have reached record levels and at least half the people in my family are out of work with no help on the horizon.

And what do you have to offer us?

Wind mills.

Who do you think you are, Don Quixote?

I want to say that I’m not thrilled with Tim Who Dat. First, his numbers don’t add up, and two, I cannot stomach having both a Conservative government in Ottawa and at Queen’s Park. That’s like being screwed by your brother and your Dad.

Maybe I’ll vote NDP.

I’ll have to think hard on that one. I remember Rae Days.

Still, could you at least throw us a bone?

Go down to the cheque place and tell ’em Rose needs that HST, stat.

They’re threatening to cut off my Hydro, and when I tell them that Daltie’s got a cheque for me in the mail, well, they can’t pull the switch fast enough.

Thank you, your constituent, and Ontario voter, Rosalita.


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