Puppy love

As I write this, Scott is outside building a Gordie-proof fence.

Two days ago, Gordon chased a yappy little dog and nearly ended it. Yesterday, he was tied up. Today, he will be free roamin’ again, and hopefully he will be a bit safer. While we were at PetSmart, we also purchased a cheapo device that, hopefully, will scare the bark out of him.

It’s a pretty tall order, but we’ll see.

I love my dogs, but sometimes they tear me apart with worry.

I just couldn’t imagine how I would deal with Gordon Blackstone as road kill. I think it would finish me off.

Yesterday, I accidentally hit Ming with the door and she came up lame. I was absolutely terrified that Ming would have to be put down because the vet will no longer do surgery on her due to her age, weight and the famous pug respiratory system. So every time Ming gets sick, I get very worried.

I slept with her last night in the guest room. It’s a ritual I have when the dogs get sick; I want to make sure that we have a bonding session — just in case. I also wanted to make sure Scott got some sleep. It’s bad enough sleeping with three healthy dogs, let alone with one who is panting and pacing.

My plan, unfortunately, backfired. Ming and I slept like little princesses while Gordie roamed the bedroom pining for me. Scott was up all night.

While I feel horrible for Scott, I must admit that my heart warms to the thought that Gordie missed me that much.

I would probably blubber all over the bed if I didn’t have his silky little body snuggled against me like a hot water bottle.

I love these dogs so much sometimes it hurts.

Today has been a good day. Gordie is safe, Ming is on the mend, and Hannah is still digging holes in the back garden.

All is right in the world — until the next time.


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