Canada Day Show a hit: CBC says so

We all know the rules of crisis communications.

If you make a mistake, admit it, say you’re sorry, and tell people what you’re going to do to correct this mistake.

Whatever you do, you don’t keep giving the story “legs”.

Just ask Anthony Weiner.

Well, somebody forgot to give that course to the National Crapital Commission’s spokesperson who was back in the news today defending their Canada Day Show fiasco.

Talk about flogging a dead and stinky corpse.

Both shows were crap — everybody’s saying so — but the NCC is insisting that they were good and everybody enjoyed them.

Guy Laflamme was quoted as saying that the CBC ratings were in, and they were 48 percent  up from last year. That proves it! The shows were hits!

“Had the show been so disappointing I don’t think we would have generated such a stellar increase in the evening show after people being disappointed with the noon show,” he cooed saying he was “proud of the show we produced.”

Hmmm. Think Lisa’s little brother might have left one thing out.

Unlike previous years, William and Kate were in attendance for BOTH shows.

It’s true that her Maj, Queen Bett, was here last year, but that wasn’t enough to get people to tune into another NCC classic.

Nope. People tuned in, and stayed tuned in, because the most popular couple on the planet were there for cut-aways.

That’s why the ratings were up.

Doesn’t take a genius.

As further evidence that the shows were a “hit”, Laflamme is going to produce a survey in about two weeks that asked people how they felt about the show. It’ll be interesting to see if the survey — which will probably cost more than the show — was done among crowd members or Canadians who watched the “spectacle” in their living rooms, throwing Smart Pop at the screen.

In other words, will it be a qualitative or quantitative survey?

Knowing the NCC, they hired a bunch of Carleton students to ask some drunkards in the audience.

“Awesome,” says the dude peeing on a statue of The Famous Five.

Doesn’t matter to me.

I still think the show stunk and they should get somebody else to do it next year.

Move on, Guy Laflamme.

Take notes.

Get out of the papers.

Otherwise your dead horse will rear its zombie head and bite you in the ass.


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