Party like it was 1975

Got to bed at 3 a.m.

Give or take.

Partied long after the Jamaicans next door — and that’s a feat.

We invited friends we hadn’t seen in years, people we used to meet every Friday for beers at The Thirsty Toad. I wanted to spent this milestone birthday with my favorite people on the planet and most of them came. And you know what?

It was like we’d never been apart.

And really nothing had changed, except our relocation from the toxic oil spill, which I see is finally up for sale. It took nearly a year to dig up all that oil and fumigate the place; I’m sure it will make a wonderful spot for a family to raise their kids. Like LeBreton Flats, Chernobyl or Japan.

Hehe. Better them than us.

Anyway, we had an old-fashioned calorie-laden feast, save for some baba ganoush I whipped up. Hamburgers, hot dogs, coleslaw, potato salad and lemon cake. The spread reminded me of home. Our parents are long gone and now we are the elders, but the kids bailed long before us, and we listened to some great tunes, danced with a purloined Sumo wrestler and solved the problems of the world.

I hope your day was nice yesterday.

Today, we turn a page.


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