Diana’s little boy

I have to admit that I teared up when I saw Prince William stopping to spend time with grannies and little souls dressed in their Sunday best this afternoon.

I’m not much for the Monarchy, but if this is its future, then I’m for it. This guy is the real deal.

It was like watching Diana shine through her handsome son who has grown up to be a wonderful, kind man who has genuinely taken to his role. I marvelled as he worked the crowd, stopped for nearly a whole minute to talk to a girl with Down’s, and singled out some clearly smitten military women. What a charmer.

Kate was terrific eye candy. She delighted the crowd but they seemed more smitten with the prince.

It was his day, and like his mother, the camera loved him.

My mistiness was short-lived, however, as I watch the amateurish coverage by CTV Newschannel’s Don Martin.

It was his debut as a color commentator, and he blew it. Sure, he’s a print guy; you can forgive him for not having the same polish as, say, Tom Clark. But he acted like a complete rube.

When asked about the Prince’s French, he shrugged and said something like this: “I don’t really know French, but it sounded pretty good.”

When pressed to talk about the menu for the evening’s festivities, he said: “Yeah, I got an email about that. But you have the graphic.”

Clearly Don should have stayed as a Western columnist. He has a face for radio and a voice for print.

The Prime Minister wasn’t much better, making a lame joke about how he had to miss the Royal Wedding because of a pesky election.

Back to you, Prime Minister, back to you.

Dave the GG had the best line: “Canada, the honeymoon capital of Canada!”

But over all, it was a pretty good start. It’s shaping up to be a memorable Royal Visit.

Don’t know if it’s worth $150 million, though.

Still better value than a fake lake.


2 Replies to “Diana’s little boy”

  1. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but the Royals don’t give a toss about Canadians… they are only doing what they were groomed to do… Get over it Canada – grow up and become a Republic!

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