Conrad Black’s last stand

Now that Conrad Black is going back to prison, maybe he’ll realize he’s not above the law.

This, of course, is doubtful given Black’s bombastic outbursts during his time on appeal. He just couldn’t help himself but mock the American justice system and that was perhaps his gravest mistake. If Black had kept his mouth shut, if he had been even somewhat remorseful, things might have gone differently.

But this is a man who over his career has made a point of taking no prisoners, of picking pockets without his victims being the wiser.

In trading his Harry Rosens for NDP orange prison togs, Black will be just another grifter who got caught at his own game.

In the end, his hubris will take its biggest toll on his wife, the former Barbara Amiel, a once powerful and influential columnist, now a woman reduced to a frail shell of her former fabulous self. Barbara looked every bit her age yesterday as her husband carried her out of the courtroom.

Here’s hoping she survives this.

While I don’t feel sorry for the former Lordy, I thought he might have caught a break, given his age and the various maladies that plague Himself and his Wife. But the American judiciary is probably right to make an example of him.

It’s time for the Masters of Universe to pay up for their crimes, for taking advantage of their power and their wealth to hurt other people.

We can only hope that Black will take the time in prison to reflect on his crimes and misdeamours. At the very least, he can try to continue to do some good while in there.

Probably, he’ll just write another book, maybe about the Wild West. Custer’s Last Stand.

He now knows what it’s like for the wagons to finally circle.


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