Hey posties: Lick this!

I was busy this morning sweeping out the cobwebs from my mailbox and wondering whether I will ever see my HST cheque from the McGuinty government.

We were counting on this cheque to pay a bill.  We could go to another source to pay it, but I’m still waiting for that cheque — if it ever comes.

I have no sympathy for posties, I’m sorry.

As an educated, white collar worker, I make far less than posties do. I’ve never been in a union and I’m pretty sure I’ll never be in one, so as far as I’m concerned they can get stuffed.  When will these gold plated unions realize that their days are numbered?

I have no sympathy for Air  Canada employees either — especially after having had to endure a four hour flight with no food.

If I want to go to Toronto, I’ll take West Jet.

Times have changed. We live in a globalized world where we no longer have to depend on monopolized service.

If I want to do financial transactions, I’ll do it over the Internet. If I want to deliver a parcel, I’ll go someplace else.

I don’t think a postie should make $26 an hour for walking a postal route or sorting the mail. I think a garbage man should make that kind of money. I think someone who deals with hazardous materials should get more than that.

I’m not against unions, per se. Many unions do a lot of good for their workers and respect the public interest.

I’m against unions with unrealistic demands.

Unions make our economy non-competitive.

They nearly ruined the auto sector.

As far as taxpayers are concerned, this postie strike reminds us that the post office has become a joke.

It took me three weeks to get a parcel from France a couple of months back. It took more than a week to send a parcel to Vancouver.

What are they doing, walking the mail across the country?

I paid $45 to have my mail re-routed and it took  Canada Post three weeks to get that done. Apparently, they lost our paperwork.

I’ve all but given up mailing anything and most of my bills are now paid online. Scott gets his paycheque automatically deposited and my client in France is wiring me money. Otherwise, I’d wait until Christmas.

When I use couriers, I use real couriers — UPS and Purolator — because they are competitive and friendly.

And now, thanks to this strike, I dislike letter carriers even more.

Here’s what they turned down.

  • Annual wage increases that will bring the top wage rate to $26 an hour
  • Continued job security
  • No changes to a fully indexed Defined Benefit pension plan
  • Comprehensive health benefits for employees and retirees
  • Generous vacation leave that gives employees up to seven weeks off each

I don’t get any of those.

For employees hired in the future, the company has proposed a starting wage of $19 an hour that rises to $26 an hour over seven years; up to six weeks
vacation; and a fully indexed defined benefit pension by age 60.

As Canada Post points out, the package for new employees is superior to the wages and benefits offered by competing logistic and delivery companies. Equally important, management says, these changes will help Canada Post manage labour costs that represent two-thirds of its revenues.

Seems fair enough.

I remember when the posties were always going on strike, before Canada Post became a Crown corporation. Jean-Claude Parrot was the most hated man in Canada.

Since that time, Canada Post has had a good relationship with its unions.

Until now.

Canada Post cannot afford to continue to pander to a posh union and the union is foolish to assume they can continue to get the Cadillac treatment.

We live in a competitive world.

Besides, if they don’t take this offer, Lisa Raitt will no doubt shove it down their damned throats.

If they can’t stand the heat, they should get off the street and work at Home Depot where they’ll finally understand what it is to live the $10 Life like some of the rest of us.

Nineteen bucks to start will seem like a pretty deal after that.


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