Blatchford tosses cookies in her debut column

I found Christie Blatchford’s debut in the Ottawa Citizen, well, a little disturbing today.

First, the photograph. Sorry to be so shallow, but I don’t think that hairstyle is workin’ fer ya, Blatch.

Nor is the color.

Also, I think Citizen readers will be a little shocked at the content of this first post.

After all, the Citizen is a family newspaper and its readers might be offended by her reference to a prostitute’s See You Next Tuesday as a “cookie”.

I can’t even imagine what the farmers will be saying in Regina.

Take it from an Ottawa blogger, the folk who read newspapers in this town are gentile folk who like sweet humor and and harmless features.

They don’t want grit. They don’t want dirt.

They prefer hand sanitizer.

Sure we have lots of hoes in Ottawa but we don’t talk about them. And we certainly don’t want to know that they are overcharged for their bikini waxes.

Maybe this is a new thrust for the nation’s capital. Maybe Postmedia wants to be a bit edgier.

If so, hurray. But I’m not convinced.

Anyway, Blatch, welcome to Ottawa and its regional cousins.

Let’s see if you can shake things up a little.


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