Paging Stephen Harper

I’m always inspired by those who commit acts of civil disobedience, particularly those who are willing to suffer the consequences.

My newest hero is Senate page Brigette DePape, who smuggled a “Stop Harper” sign into the Throne Speech ceremony. I particularly loved that Jason Kenney called her a “lefty kook”.  I suggest Brigette frame that story.

You have to give her credit for guts.

She managed to make a mockery of the Tory wankfest, stealing whatever thunder there was from the uninspired Harperites.

Imagine having a Speech from the Throne on a gorgeous Friday afternoon when most people were firing up their barbies or strapping on their golf gear. I suppose the Harperites figured nobody would really care about their promises, made over and over again on the campaign trail. Throne Speeches, really are nothing more than political foreplay anyway.

So Brigette’s shenanigans came as welcome relief on an otherwise predictable and dull day.

Speaking of the civil disobedient, I was saddened to learn yesterday about the death of Jack Kevorkian, another personal hero of mine. Doctor Death did more for dying folk than any hospice program could accomplish. He helped people die who no longer felt they could live — and he paid a hefty price for his beliefs.

Cheers, Jack.

There were other newsmakers in the paper today who were not as noble as Brigette or Jack.

But at least they were getting what was coming to them.

That slimeball Johnny “call me John” Edwards is finally getting his comeuppance for betraying his wife Elizabeth, his children and the rest of America, all for a little afternoon delight with a homely photographer.  To think, that man could have been president. It’s what they always say: “Pond scum rises to the top”.

There was also news today that U.S. Marshals are auctioning off Bernie Madoff’s silk briefs and designer togs along with his yacht and his $41,000 wine collection. Where Bernie is, he won’t be needing his Hermes jackets and Ralph Lauren pants.

Maybe he and John Edwards can share a cellblock, and serve as tasty delights for the Bubbas.

That’s what I’m hoping,


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