Postmedia: The Blatch stops here

We have to hand it to Christie Blatchford.

She’s knows how to make an exit.

Yesterday, we heard news that Blatch would be bailing on the Globe and Mail and taking her popular column to Postmedia.

“It was just time for a change for me,” she said in an interview with Canadian Press. “I don’t think the Globe was ever a particularly natural fit for me and had become less so over
the last while. The Post was always my natural home, I thought.”

What exactly did she mean by that?

The Globe gave her everything she wanted, like a lot of time off to get up close and personal with the Army and write a couple of books.

And as far as I can see, she was given free reign over the topics she covered. Her commentary was oddly Toronto-centric given the national scope of the Globe; she never really captured the world view, either.

Most columnists would see the Globe and Mail column as a dream job, but not Blatch.

What gives?

Perhaps she was lured away by more money. After all, somebody has to pay for her expensive reno.

More likely she wasn’t happy with the new “look” of the Globe and Mail or its marketing management style

Clearly, the Globe and Mail has become a lesser “national” newspaper, with its focus on full color froth to wrap around its new high end advertising, not to mention the fact it now reduces many stories to headers.

We may never know the real reason Blatchford left.

But it was interesting that in leaving, she decided not to take the high road.

A parting shot. Couldn’t help herself.

She’s paid to give her opinion.

Like her or loathe her, the Globe will miss her.

Pssst. Maybe they could give the job to Leah MacLaren!


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