Ron Sexsmith responds

Faithful readers of this blog will know that I wrote what some may consider an unkind assessment of the music wunderkind Ron Sexsmith last week. I wrote the blog after I watched a rather unflattering HBO documentary on the singer/songwriter, Ron Sexsmith, Love Shines, which left the impression that Ron was a bit of a sad sack, who, despite his brilliance was having difficulty landing a recording contract seemingly because of his lack of charisma. The documentary made me feel pretty sorry for Ron, and I therefore suggested we should all go out and buy his CDs. I urged people to do this not because Ron Sexsmith was a loser, but because his music is terrific.

Sorry if I was unfair, but perhaps next documentary, Ron might want to have artist’s approval.

Ron wrote me this note today:

Hi Rose
Someone alerted me to your blog…I don’t normally respond to this kinda stuff but I
just wanted to say that it was actually the directors choice to make such a downbeat movie…. I mean, he had 7 years of footage….he could’ve made a comedy! I’m actually not sad at all nor do I feel like a loser though the film does capture me at a time when I was going through a depression… but you can think of me as a loser if you want.
In my own defence…I’ve actually had quite a bit of success around the world and am mostly grateful for the good things that have come my way…
I will agree that I do get more funny looking with age, my weight goes up and down but I think I’m
looking ok for 47 (My wife thinks I’m handsome at least!)  :O)
Anyway, thanks for watching the movie…no need to help me
with my music though..I’m doing just fine
Ron the loser


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