Raging Granny Rose

Now that the Liberals have been delivered into the clutches of Bob Rae, I’ve gone in search of a new political home.

I’m a fiscal conservative, but I just couldn’t find myself comfortable amongst the Reformers, I mean, Conservatives.

So I decided to look at Bathhouse Jack’s group because they align fairly neatly with my views as a social Liberal.

Sure, the Newbie Democratic Party is not unlike immersion kindergarten what with all the youngin’s winning seats, but maybe it’s time for fresh, young faces to start taking over from the old dudes. And there still are enough old cronies around like Pat and Joe and Judy Washmylaundryplease.

But after this weekend, there is no friggin’ way I’m going near the Dippers.

Why, you may ask? Because Jack Layton made it very clear that the NDP has become the party of Quebec. He wants to open up the language issue, guaranteeing more French rights to federal public servants in Quebec. Excuse me? Half the federal jobs in the Ottawa-Gatineau region are sitting over the river and no Anglo has a hope of getting one, unless they can speak fluent French.

How much more French can the public service get, anyway?

He wants to increase the number of Quebec seats in the House of Commons, even though Quebec is over-represented.

That’s just stupid.

And Bathhouse is also willing to entertain Quebec separation.


So now we have a federal party that has become the mouthpiece of Quebec.

Makes me long for Gilles Duceppe. At least the BQ were honest about their intentions.

I was thinking today, the NDP has morphed into aliens, like a Quebec version of the movie Men in Black.

They look like Canadians, talk like Canadians, but once they gain your confidence, they’ll scarf down your insides with a side of poutine.

In other words, they’ve become like Brian Mulroney’s Conservatives.

Definitely not the party for me.

So the NDP are out. The Liberals are toast. The Tories are, may I say it, yes, I must, right-wing douchebags.

What’s left?

My son may have given me the solution. Nicholas recently announced that he and Shylock were with child.

And so I will soon be a grandmother.

Finally, I have a political home.

I will join the Raging Grannies.

I’m not singing, and I won’t wear a hat, but at least I know what they stand for — a better deal for older Canadians — of which I am one.

Fix the pension system (check), improve medicare (check), fiscal responsibility (check).

I’m down with all of that.

So look out Stephen Harper, if you don’t behave yourself, I’ll smash you on the shins with my cane. And Bathhouse, I’ll take you in wheelchair basketball any day.

Get ready. Raging Granny Rose is in town.

And I mean business.


One Reply to “Raging Granny Rose”

  1. Ah, c’mon Rosie. We even wrote a new verse for an old Gallery dinner song about a “second hand Rose” just for you. The best you can do is raise your voice in song along with the rest of the Grannies. (And congrats on that news, as well.)

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