Hang on to your wallet! Bob Rae’s in charge

Bob Rae has finally set us free.

Those of us who once called ourselves Liberals no longer have to feel guilty about finding a home in another political party.

Bob Rae and the Liberal guard have poisoned the well, so we’ll all be happy to go drink some place else.

There were a lot of Liberals who didn’t vote for Bob Rae to be leader last time there was a convention.

So how can Liberal caucus in good conscience install him as Party leader?

A lot of people think that Bob Rae is a turncoat, who first destroyed his own Ontario party through his bad judgement and so-called leadership. What gives him the right to come Ottawa to destroy another Party?

Like a spider he waited until his prey was wounded, then he went in for the kill.

Two years, he said. Give me two years and I’ll turn it around.

What he didn’t say was this: I have two years to convince the incoming national executive to change the rules and make me leader for real.

Manifest destiny. Hubris. Call it what you will.

He’s intent on being prime minister, and he’s convinced he just has to wait until Canadians are sick of Stephen Harper, who’s looking pretty good to me right now.

Just kidding.

Isn’t what he did the same as what Harper did with the trio who lost the election and were rewarded with Senate seats?

Let me reiterate.

Bob Rae was defeated as a candidate for the Party leadership.

He should have accepted it and gone home. Or just stayed as a hard-working MP.

Instead, he got his pals — brother John, Jean Chretien and his band — and hijacked the throne.

Sure, the throne is tarnished, but there are other people who might have rebuilt the Party in a new, more relevant fashion.

Like Marc Garneau.

But no, the old guard is up to its old tricks again.

Two years of Bob Rae…just try fundraising with him in charge.


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