Bob Rae: Shoo fly

Bob Rae should just go away.

There was much hand-wringing yesterday over a letter sent to MPs and Senators from the old NDP turncoat.

Bob Rae wants the job of interim Liberal leader — yay! — but only under strict conditions. He wants a long honeymoon period whereby no one would be allowed to campaign for the real job. Then he won’t rule out running if the new national executive changes the rules.

In other words, Rae is either a) setting himself up for the real job expecting that the new exec will love him so much they’ll change the rules and he’ll inherit the job or b) be the pretend leader long enough to give himself a legacy.

Either way, it’s all about ego.

Let it go Bob.

We don’t want a retread N-dipper. We have enough of the little critters running around Parliament Hill as part of the NDP’s French immersion kindergarten class.

And we don’t need two NDP leaders.

We already have Bathhouse Jack, who won fair and square.

My thinking is that the Liberals should give the interim job to Marc Garneau.

He says he doesn’t want the top job — and I believe him.

He’s an astronaut.

And a national hero.

He’s not the guy who gave us Rae Days in Ontario. He’s not a guy who can’t figure out what Party to belong to. He’s not a guy who is Jean Chretien’s bumboy.

Bob Rae should accept his fate.

He ran for the leadership twice and nobody wanted him.

You don’t get the leadership by the back door.

That would be cheating.

That would be like getting a Senate seat after the people of Canada say they don’t want you as an MP.

So shoo fly.

Get a hobby.


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