I do love a good mail strike

I went to the post office yesterday for the first time in, maybe, a year.

I had to mail copies of my new magazine to a couple of freelancers, and I’d been putting it off. I don’t like to go to the post office; I don’t exactly know why. It’s not a hassle. There’s never anyone there. It just seems like a nuisance to me, to package up an item, take it in, have it weighed and pay an astronomical amount of money to mail it. Two magazines, yesterday, seven bucks!

I do everything I can to avoid using snail mail. All my business invoicing is done by email, so is all my banking. I receive all my bills by email and pay them over the Internet. It’s fast. You don’t have to wait what seems like forever for a cheque to clear, and therefore, don’t have to worry about a cheque being cashed after you’ve forgotten about it.

The only thing I like about the mail is when my friendly neighborhood postie delivers a cheque — which ain’t that often these days. Mostly, my mail consists of bills and notices from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Ms. Simpson, we have received your income tax return. You owe $11.40. If this is not paid immediately, the amount owing will be subject to compounded interest.

Ms. Simpson, we have reassessed your income tax and you owe us $11,000.00. Please pay immediately.

Ms. Simpson, we have re-assessed our reassessment and you owe us $14.00. Please pay immediately.

That kind of thing.

So the impending strike next week at Canada Post doesn’t worry me much. I’ll just ask my clients to deposit my money directly into my bank account — then I won’t need Canada Post at all. My French magazine bosses do this anyway — gotta love the French! Heck, if they mailed my money, it would take six weeks to come across the pond.

I do love a good mail strike because it pisses off the utility companies and other bill collectors who can’t send their threatening letters. If you’re late with your payment for water or Hydro, just shrug and blame Canada Post.

I only wish the phone company would go on strike!

To my mind, the mail has become completely irrelevant. I don’t care if they go on strike.

I’m not sympathetic to mail carriers who are upset because Canada Post wants to reduce the salaries of new postal workers to $17.50 from $24 a hour. My kids don’t make that much — and I spent thousands on them for university. Heck, I don’t think I make that much.

What’s a heel callous worth anyway?

I think garbage collectors should make that amount of money to put up with slime and crawly critters, but all a postie needs is some warm clothes and a friggin’ hat. It seems a lot, what they get paid. 

The sky will not fall if posties go on strike. Not at this household anyway.

I’m not expecting any mail — not any good mail — so strike on, posties.

Hope it’s a long one.


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