Flo and the end of days

Update: Flo The Angel Fish died at about 5 p.m. today surrounded by Rose, Hannah, Ming and Gordie. The burial has already taken place; there will be a celebration of her life in the backyard this evening.

About a week ago, our beloved Angel Fish began to bloat up like one of the size 14 floaters in Silence of the Lambs.  Flo swelled to twice her size then started blowing white bubbles out of her light grey stripes.

We thought she might be having babies. She’s done this before; laid eggs all over the filter pipe and created quite the smelly mess.

But this time, it was different. She started swimming upside down the way fish do before they travel to the land of Nemo. I prepared a fitting funeral, getting the fish net ready, keeping the compost bin at hand,  a suitable burial for an unusual fish.

Then she rallied.


Today, she started the upside down swimming again, then dove snout first into the clay barrel and she’s been sitting there ever since, like she’s resting up.

Flo, you are one fucked up fish.

We will miss her when she’s gone. She was one of our first fish, one of the few to survive the toxic oil spill on Smyth Road and the subsequent pail transport. She was one of a pair of angel fish Scott got five years back. Our other fish, Ebb, the Angel Fish of Death, used to terrorize Flo and she would take refuge in the barrel, hiding out for days until we separated the two.

When we moved we had to get rid of the other tank. Scott had to make a Sophie’s Choice. Flo was a much nicer fish, so she won out while Ebb was dispatched back to Big Al’s for a store credit.

I’m feeling a little nostalgic for the big fish tank days, as I watch this little survivor do what she must.

She may have heard the predictions that the world is ending this Saturday.

She’s preparing for the worst.

Getting her affairs in order.


Too bad she didn’t use the big end of the barrel.

Oh, Flo of little brain.


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