Moving violations

It’s moving day once again.

Tomorrow, we will become empty-nesters for the fourth or fifth time.

Nicholas is moving out of his basement digs and in with his girlfriend and her family. The pretext is that the girlfriend’s apartment is close to his work, but I know what’s really going on. He’s 25 and he wants to make his own choices.

Stef was going to move in, but has decided against it because he feels he’s needed sharing the place where he now lives. We accept that.

Marissa moved out, then in, then out again a few months back, so we’ve been sitting on some pretty interesting real estate downstairs, real estate that has been sitting pretty much vacant, on and off, for months. Meanwhile, we have squeezed ourselves, the dogs and our offices into the upstairs. Pretty ridiculous when you think about the fact we’re paying more rent than we did at our old place and we get half as much for it.

We moved here after the toxic oil spill on Smyth Road. We were desperate. We had less than a month to find a place, so we moved down the road to St. Laurent Blvd. another high traffic area nearly right beside the Quickie gas bar. Not the best choice in retrospect given the drug dealers and the Shameless crew living next door with their meth RV parked in the driveway. (You might recognize some pretty sophisticated references to shows on HBO and AMC!)

Not the best neighborhood, but not the worst, either. Sketchy neighbors (bad), close to all amenities (good), noisy (bad), full of character (good and bad).

 The kids convinced us to move here because it has a separate basement apartment and both Marissa and Nick needed a place to live. I was against it, but I caved. Nobody had a full time job, so nobody but us was paying rent. Still, we thought it was a good compromise til the kids got back on their feet.

Soon as we moved, we knew it was a mistake. Pretty soon, Marissa moved in with her boyfriend leaving Nick with a two bedroom apartment, but alas no job.

We have two Hydro bills — let’s just start there.

Anyway, recently it became apparent that Nick wasn’t into living here anymore. He’d hooked up with his girl and has spent the last few tense weeks at her place. He announced they were getting their own place and “maybe we could rent out the downstairs to students”.

This was not going to happen.

I was pretty mad for a few days and there was a bit of chill in the air around Mother’s Day.

But I realized that you can’t keep the boy down on the farm forever.

And so we move tomorrow.

It’s going to be much better for us. We can use the living room as a bedroom and get out of the stifling small room we now occupy. I can take the big downstairs bedroom and turn it into an office. We have a kitchenette and another full bathroom.

Looking at the space this afternoon, I’m began to feel a bit like a land baron — lots of room to spread out — without the servants.

We’re keeping our old bedroom upstairs as a guest bedroom.  You just never know when there will be a knock on the door with a sad young adult standing there with a bag of clothes in one hand and an Xbox in the other.

Hopefully, the revolving door will finally stop revolving. We can only hope.

In the meantime, we can finally invite guests from out-of-town (like that ever happens!)

Anyway, this robin is looking forward to an empty nest — at least for a few months.


One Reply to “Moving violations”

  1. Hi Rose, I’m working on a documentary about adult children living with their parents – if you happen to find a sad adult on your doorstep again, I’d love to chat with you about what it’s like for all of you! (Or if your kids have friends who are still at home, would love to chat with them!)

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