Jim Watson: Leggo my eggo

Jim Watson has some nerve calling himself a Liberal.

What a spineless weasel.

Today is Respect for Life Day in Ottawa, officially proclaimed by Mayor Watson who calls himself pro-choice.

The proclamation includes a statement saying that thousands will be coming to this year’s “National March for Life..to witness the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death”.

Well, Watson must have thought. That seems harmless enough.

Since receiving the proclamation, the ever open-minded right to lifers have taken to the Tweet-o-sphere giving Watson a virtual high-five, claiming they are ever closer to changing the law. In effect, the City of Ottawa has symbolically given its blessing to their message.

I’m not going to debate the subject. We all have our opinions.

But there is a law in Canada to ensure women have access to safe alternatives to unwanted pregnancies.

Even Stephen Harper isn’t willing to mess with this issue.

He’s not that stupid.

To make matters worse, Watson says, hey, we can always have a Henry Morgantaler Day.

That’s just ridiculous.

To be fair to the Mayor, he didn’t start this mess. Bob Chiarelli put his greasy paw to paper in 2002, declaring the first of these pro-life days.

So, we’re being told about this now?

Somebody should have raised their hand 10 years ago and suggested that the city had no business lighting the match on this political time bomb.

If we have to have proclamations like this, I think it’s time to get rid of proclamations forever.

Maybe the Mayor, too.

Here’s his email: Jim.Watson@ottawa.ca


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