Why bloggers hate The Facebook

If you’re reading this, you must really like my blog.

 Or you are following me on Twitter.

Facebook has screwed up my blog feed and it won’t automatically post my newest entries. So I have to do this manually, which means that I’ve posted at least three blogs in two days that people assume are about Shania Twain.

Many of my fans connect to my blog through Facebook, and click on a topic that might interest them. Some people might be interested in my blogs about politics; others kinda like the personal stuff. But not everybody likes everything.

That’s why it’s important that Facebook provide a proper feed.

Which it hasn’t done for weeks now.

It’s frustrating the hell out of me.

The trouble with Facebook, or Facefuck as one of my friends calls it, is that the people in charge are constantly trying to re-invent it — probably to try to find more ways to shake you, the reader, down for money or to pilfer your personal information.

As a result, Facebook is screwing with your settings all the time.

And it’s screwing with my blog.

Have you noticed recently that the comment spaces are suddenly on top of photographs, kinda floating out there like rabid Post It notes? So you’re trying to read some hilarious thing someone is saying about you, and there’s this sticky thing on top?

Sloppy, sloppy work, Mark.

It’s because Facebook doesn’t care about the quality of your experience. They just care about their ads.

Like Ken Frickin’ Thomson used to say: “News is what we use for filler between the ads.”

Or something like that.

The Facebook experience is getting worse.

We are constantly having to take measures to protect our identities.

People are getting more and more viruses from the “Hubba, hubba, look at you in this video” postings.

As a result people are losing friends.

And I am losing bleaders.

Meanwhile, Facebook “help” is a joke.

If anyone agrees press “like”.

That is, if you can find my blog!


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