New scandal for Ruth Ellen Brosseau: The horror!

The continuing saga of Ruth Ellen Brosseau, well, continues.

The Globe and Mail’s crack investigative team has uncovered a new scandal — the serving wench turned MP doesn’t have the academic credentials posted on the NDP website.

The website claimed that Ruth Ellen graduated from St. Lawrence College in Kingston with a diploma in Advertising and Marketing.

Apparently, she did not.

Sound the alarms! Alert the media!

Wait, somebody already did that.  And it’s causing much handwringing at NDP headquarters.

 Apparently, she never claimed she had the degree but some Party web-a-roo decided to give her one.

Way to round up.

That is a definite no, no. In most professions, a person would be fired for fudging the academic facts on the old resume. 

No Mrs. Jones, I’m not a real doctor; I just play one on television! Sorry about the botched lipo.

By all accounts, Ruth Ellen has done everything right technically to get herself set up in a corner office in West Block.

Her constituents don’t seem upset. They want to give her the benefit of the doubt. They are happy she’s learning French.

It’s just the hyper-jealous Gallery nobs who have decided to invite Ruth Ellen to a public hanging.

As a journalist, it makes me proud!

Seriously, dudes.

Leave her alone and let her get on with the job of learning French.

For its part, the NDP should stop protecting her like they’re the special victims unit.

The more they keep her closeted away, the more the hounds on the Hill will keep nipping at her toes.

Throw her on to a podium and let them have at her.

They’ll quickly lose interest and start looking for another special victim.

It’s how they roll.

As for the NDP, they should start acting like the Official Opposition.

This stupid mess is distracting the public from the real issues, and the real problems facing Parliament.

Give Ruth a pass and a pin and let her get on with proving she’s a worthy choice.

All this is doing is turning off young people.

Old people know better than to run for public office.


One Reply to “New scandal for Ruth Ellen Brosseau: The horror!”

  1. Fantomatique élue … fantomatique diplôme !

    «Elle est diplômée en publicité, communication et marketing intégré du collège St. Lawrence de Kingston. » (information publiée sur site officiel du NPD:

    On sait maintenant (10 mai 2011) que Madame Ruth Ellen Brosseau n’est pas détentrice de ce diplôme. La mention du fantomatique diplôme a été retirée du site officiel du NPD !

    Yves Claudé

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