Jimbo the bimbo: The Tory virtual MP

Now comes word that the Tories had a virtual candidate of their own.

Jim Hillyer, who “ran” in Lethbridge without campaigning has been dubbed The Man Who Wasn’t There.

He shunned debates, refused media interviews and declined to speak to a local blogger who finally tracked him down using Twitter.

Hillyer declined to talk to the blogger, saying he desperately needed a bathroom break. (Did he consider himself the number one candidate or the number two?)

But at least the good people of Lethbridge rose up against him, protesting at his constituency door. Unfortunately it didn’t matter.

Hillyer won the campaign and is heading to Ottawa.

Truly, I wish I had thought of getting my son to run for Parliament.

He’s been desperately looking for a job.

 He doesn’t speak French, but he has a French last name, so I think he could easily have run and won in Quebec like many of the young knee dippers.

And he has no credentials to speak of, other than having been born in Regina, with an English mother and a French father.

How Canadian is that?

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

People just didn’t give a shit in Quebec. Saw the NDP sign, voted for it.

Ditto in Alberta. Saw the big blue, made the X, didn’t matter that their candidate had relatively bogus credentials for the post.

But you know what?

At least the people of Lethbridge voted. So did the people in Quebec.

Not like the forty percent of Canadians who had better things to do than elect the government that will set their tax rates and run their programs.

The people who stayed home are, in my view, pond scum.  No, the mould on top of the pond scum.

It was clear in this election that a lot of people are indifferent or just plain stupid.

Don’t they look at their paycheques and see how much Ottawa takes off in income tax?

I mean, imagine if the forty percenters found an extra point of bank fee tagged onto their bank statements? They surely would go apeshit.

Or if Galen Weston started charging them more for bread? Or if Dalton McGuinty and his premier pals drove up the cost of a case of beer?

Same thing, geniuses.

What’s done is done.

Wonder how many of the forty percenters will fill out the mandatory Census.


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